Identifying Distinguishing Factors in Predicting Brain Activities - an inclusive machine learning approach
Jürgen Omen and Chih Lai, PhD (Published in 2015 Brain Informatics and Health Conference, London), September 2015

Indexing Biomedical Literature
Samuel O’Blenes (Advisor: Chih Lai, PhD), August 2015

Analytics of Human Connectome Networks
Jürgen Omen (Advisor: Chih Lai, PhD), July 2015

Personalized Medicine Data Modeling
Erik Kerber (Advisors: Bradley S. Rubin, PhD, Stephen Mase), December 2013

Genome Analysis with Hadoop
Erik Kerber (Advisors: Bradley S. Rubin, PhD, Stephen Mase), May 2013

Setting Up a Hadoop Cluster with Cloudera Manager and Impala
Frank Rischner (Advisor: Bradley S. Rubin, PhD), January 2013

Processing Rat Brain Neuronal Signals Using an Apache Hadoop Computing Cluster
Part2 Part3
Jadin C. Jackson, PhD & Bradley S. Rubin, PhD, July 2012

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